AIoD engagement: EVENFLOW presented at the AIoD Technical Contributors Board meeting

EVENFLOW was invited to participate in the AI4Europe – AIoD (Artificial Intelligence on Demand) Technical Contributors Board Meeting, that was held online in the morning of Friday 23 February 2024.

Mr. Athanasios Poulakidas, EVENFLOW project coordinator from Netcompany, provided a brief overview of the EVENFLOW project, also highlighting the TrustWorthy AI Cluster. He then delved into the project’s three key use cases: Personalized Medicine, Industry 2.0, and Infrastructure Life Cycle Assessment.

Additionally, the sibling project ENEXA, and a member of the TrustWorthy AI Cluster, also participated in the event, presenting its own set of use cases alongside.

The presentations offered valuable insights into the projects’ objectives and contributions to the AI landscape, fostering collaborative discussions among the attendees.

The agenda of the event:

  1. Overview of the newly started project DeployAI (Joachim Köhler)
  2. CONVINCE project about robot decision making (Enrico Ghiorzi)
  3. EVENFLOW project use cases on robust learning and reasoning (Athanasios Poulakidas)
  4. ENEXA project use cases on applied knowledge graphs and machine learning (Maria Schnoedt-Fuchs and Charis Akasiadis)
  5. Update on AI-Builder progress of the AIoD Platform (Martin Welss)

The slides are published here for your information:

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