EVENFLOW at AIoD Community Forum & meets with TrustWorthyAI Cluster, IT

EVENFLOW project participated in the AI-onDemand Platform: Success Stories and Opportunities for European Industry and Society that took place on 13 and 14 November 2023, in Bologna, Italy.

More specifically, NSCR Demokritos partner represented the project with a presentation during the session titled Enlarging AIoD community: new initiatives contributing to the AIoD, on Monday 13 November 2023, while the sibling project of the Trustworthy AI Cluster, ENEXA, had also a presentation. This session was dedicated to the 40+ projects which landed in November 2022 in the R&I landscape.

The event was also an opportunity for EVENFLOW and siblings projects ENEXA and TUPLES – all belonging to the TrustWorthy AI Cluster– to meet up.

The event was hosted by the ICT-49 cluster Projects in partnership with the AI4Europe project, aiming to explore into crucial facets of the AI-on-Demand platform. Participants experienced in-depth discussions surrounding the EU Strategy and Legislation, promising opportunities for SMEs, and the vital role of Digital Innovation Hubs within the AI ecosystem. Moreover, the event showcased the remarkable achievements and success stories from various ICT-49 projects, focusing on their impactful contributions to the advancement of SMEs.

At the core of this two-day event lied the intention to foster collaboration, encourage knowledge exchange, and pave the way for impactful networking opportunities within the AI-on-Demand community. With a rich tapestry of sessions and discussions lined up, participants gained valuable insights into the latest AI trends, strategies, and innovations driving the European AI landscape forward.

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