EVENFLOW & TrustWorthy AI Cluster presented at DIH4AI: Enhancing Trustworthy AI and the AIoD Platform | online

Continuing our dissemination activities and interacting with the broader community, EVENFLOW project was presented at the DIH4AI:Enhancing Trustworthy AI and the AIoD Platform that took place online, on 29 November 2023.

More specifically, Elena Galifianaki – NCSR Demokritos, Communication & Dissemination Work Package Leader, gave a presentation under the session titled The future outlook of the AIoD ecosystem, giving a hint how will EVENFLOW enhance the AIoD Platform, the Trustworthy AI aspects of the project, and also she introduced the TrustWorthy AI Cluster to the community.

The event focused on showcasing the remarkable achievements of the DIH4AI project and charting a course for the future. It also brought together AI experts, practitioners, and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to share their invaluable experiences of collaboration on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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