[VIDEO] Webinar Trustworthy AI: Landscaping verifiable robustness & transparency

The EVENFLOW along with its sibling projects of the TrustWorthy AI Cluster and Adra-e | AI, Data and Robotics Ecosystem co-organised the webinar titled Trustworthy AI: Landscaping verifiable robustness and transparency on Wednesday 29 May 2024, at 10.00-12.00 CEST.

The webinar aimed to show the progress in the development of Trustworthy AI technology and introduce verifiable robustness and transparency in the Artificial Intelligence domain, while it was addressed professionals, researchers, and stakeholders interested in AI, Data, and Robotics, but also welcomes participants from academia, industry, and government sectors seeking insights into Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs) projects.

Evangelia Markidou, from the European Commission, welcomed the participants, while the three flagship projects ADRA-e, AI4Europe and DeployAI elaborated on How is Trustworthy AI manifested in these flagship projects. Elena Galifianaki, Head of Communication of EVENFLOW, followed with an introduction of the TrustWorthy AI Cluster, a group of nine European sibling projects working together towards TrustWorthy AI, which all belong to the European Commission’s call HORIZON-CLA-2021-HUMAN-01.

The session titled Best practices/Use Cases in Trustworthy AI, with the presentation of all nine projected followed, where Nikos Katzouris, from NCSR Demokritos partner, presented the project.

The participants gained insights into cutting-edge developments in Trustworthy AI, explored best practices and use cases in the field, network with representatives from ADRA-e, AI4EUROPE, DeployAI, and other projects supporting the AI ecosystem and engaged in informative discussions and Q&A sessions.

Watch the full video of the webinar here:

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